Jab Rewards provides a database of organisations that provide rewards for being vaccinated with a Covid-19 Vaccine. 

Members can choose what information they provide concerning their services and have full control over updates and changes to their services. Members are able to remove their listings at any time. 

Jab Rewards is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. 

What is personal information? 

Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual. The information can be true or false, fact or opinion. Only people can have personal information. Businesses do not in themselves have personal information but the individuals who work in businesses do. 

Personal information collected by Jab Rewards can include:  

Names of individuals

Their Job Title, Contact Details such as Mobile, Telephone and Email address While most of the information in Jab Rewards will not qualify as personal information, once information about identifiable individuals are included on the database, that information will qualify as ‘personal information’. 

What do we do with your organisation’s personal information? When Jab Rewards obtains, stores, uses or discloses personal information it complies with the relevant privacy laws, either the Commonwealth’s Information Privacy Act 1988 or as appropriate, Victoria’s Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

The Personal Information in Jab Rewards is not disclosed to third parties. Other purposes where personal information may be used include:

  • Emailing members about new discounts in their area
  • Emailing members about new offers in their area
  • For the purposes of displaying advertisements on social media platforms

The same applies to both paying and non paying members.

The information Jab Rewards collects is necessary for or directly related to the business activities of members. While Jab Rewards takes reasonable steps to ensure that no extraneous or unnecessary information is listed, primary responsibility for the accuracy of listing information lies with members who have either inputted the information directly themselves. Members have the right to change or remove their listing at any time. Jab Rewards encourages all members and community users to bring any concerns they have about listing information to our attention by lodging a “Support” request. 


Information in Jab Rewards is stored in a secure online Database that uses a range of membership access levels to prohibit the incorrect release of personal information. 

Jab Rewards will use the personal information of members for the purposes of:  

  1. Contacting individuals regarding the updating of Jab Rewards member information  
  2. Provision of industry information or for the promotion of products or services relevant to members.  

Access and Amendment 

While Jab Rewards takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the listing information is accurate, up-to-date and complete, primary responsibility for the quality of the listed information lies with the members. 

Members can access their listing at any time and have full capacity to change or delete their listed information. 

Jab Rewards encourages all members and public users to address any concerns they have about their listing information by either:  

  • Logging in to their listing and updating their information.  
  • Reporting a listing error on the Jab Rewards website through the “Contact Us” page

Submit a “Support” request through the Jab Rewards website. 

Disclosure and Online Access 

Jab Rewards is accessible to the public for no charge. 

Members should be aware that any information listed on the Directory is publicly available and they should craft their listing with this in mind. Members should also be aware that Jab Rewards is an online resource and accordingly can be accessed world-wide. By listing their personal information on the Directory, members agree that this information can be transferred outside Australia. Members should be aware that there may be occasions where Jab Rewards are required to disclose personal information by law, for example in circumstances of disaster, emergency or criminal investigation. 

Public Users 

Jab Rewards automatically gathers information such as the numbers and frequency of visitors to monitor the use of the website. This information is collated from cookies and log files which record details of each website transaction and may include the IP address of the user accessing the site.

This information is designed to facilitate the service.

The personal information we collect may include:  

Names of individuals  

Their Job Title  

Contact Details such as Mobile, Telephone and Email address, Post Code, and State

Compliments, Complaints and Feedback 

Jab Rewards is committed to listen and improve features, address complaints and value feedback from you. If you have any concerns regarding the use of information please contact the Privacy Officer through our Contact Form